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Retail Profile

We have signed our first project with a leading, highly respected company in printing and Retail billing solutions, and are in the process of developing a dedicated Retail group whose goal is to generate knowledge and develop futuristic retail solutions to cater to the needs of retail operators.
Prior to starting this new company, the staff of Crevavi have worked with Industry’s major companies, architecting and developing POS, printing and retail billing solutions. Their knowledge of Retail market requirements helped creating unique products and billing solutions which have already reached a sizable customer base, helping their companies become a leading brand name in printing and billing solutions.


Orion POS System   


Recent projects executed

  • Market and Technical study for Indian Retail needs in next 3-5 years
  • POS Kiosk system for rural environment (Mechanical housing, power management hardware, Atom motherboard running Linux, Application software, Weighing Scale, Dual LCD, Touchscreen, Printer, Biometric scanner)
  • Receipt printing solution for Weighing bridge, Cocoon Auction market – External IBM Keyboard, LED Display, Centronics Parallel Printer interface
  • Point of Sale (POS) solution, with built in Weighing scale, Remote monitoring, Remote data logging, Solar charger – 4000+ PLU, 1000+ Bills per day storage, intuitive soft-key guided by Graphic user interface, no need for user training



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