Crevavi Konnect – IOT/M2M:

Crevavi Konnect is a GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi based remote monitoring device for M2M connectivity over mobile network. These products are designed with flexibility to be customized for different connectivity and business requirements.
Devices are programmable using Custom Crevavi Librry APIs for implementing different business logic by developers.

  • - Digital and Analog sensor inputs to monitor equipments
  • - UART, RS232 or USB connectivity with smart devices and hosts
  • - Can be customized for Battery backed power (Li-ion charger inbuilt)
  • - Programmable Embedded Software using Crevavi Cutom APIs for different business logic
  • - Customized server software and database design for monitoring and control

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Home Automation:

Crevavi’s Home automation products range from smart lighting to automated control of gate/door/shutter, to remote monitoring and access to any kind of home equipment from internet. These modular products are designed to retrofit with existing home equipments, as well as expandable to connect numerous new devices together.
The Home Automation system is designed to integrate all home automation needs into a single system.

  • - Remote Switches to control lights/fan from smart-phone
  • - Electro-mechanical actuators for automation of heavyweight Gate/Shutters
  • - Home automation central console integrate all automation needs
  • - Remote monitoring over Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS

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Kitbot (Warehouse Automation):

Crevavi has created a complete warehouse material handling Automation solution, for material-handling, storage and kitting process. The solution consists of various robotic system, AGV, multi-directional conveyers, and a central monitoring station synchronizing the tasks between the robotic systems, ERP, and human. The system is being implemented for a leading EMC company, automating material entry, complete storage and retrieval process, and delivery of material to and from IQC, production line, and finished goods. The system is capable of handling thousands of material containers with high efficiency and absolute accuracy. Robotics platforms and the system are built with modularity and flexibility to expand for larger storage, handle heavier and variety of containers / payload.
There are 2 robotic platforms are customized for holding store and shop floor operations, with various accessories for each:

      • - Rhino RH30-DW
      • - Pickbot PB01-K


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Crevavi has created various robotic research / learning platforms for student, academics and corporate, to learn and innovate on robotics. The robotics platforms are built with modularity and flexibility to start learning from basic Embedded System, and also doing cutting edge research on Cloud and Collective robotics.
There are basic 3 platforms for indoor and outdoor operations, with various accessories for each:

      • - Crebot Navi
      • - Crebot Creo
      • - Crebot Rhino


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