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Crevavi Konnect is a GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi based remote monitoring device for M2M connectivity. There are multiple products designed to use either GSM/GPRS or Wi-Fi communication based on need of machine interfacing. Product can be customized for reading sensor data or communication with smart devices using UART, RS232, RS485 and USB.

The device provides multiple Digital and Aanalog input as well as output ports, which are programmable as per user need, to connect various devices for monitoring and control.

This product is designed with flexibility to be customized for different connectivity and business requirements.

  • - Automatically initiates the GSM/GPRS / Wi-Fi modem after power ON, and keeps monitoring the status at regular interval to make sure the network in live.
  • - Each device have its unique ID
  • - Authentication of data, it does not accept data sent from unauthorized sources
  • - Records the readings, usage, alerts, up-time and down-time of the device for defined duration
  • - Can be customized for Battery backed power with built-in Li-ion charger
  • - Customizable Embedded Software for different business logic – using Crevavi Custom APIs

Server Functionality

  • - Send command to Konnect to send a pre defined data /query to connected device
  • - Request device readings, usage, status data from device, Receive alerts (asynchronous)
  • - Remote Configuration and Provisioning, policy application, firmware upgrade
  • - Backup/Restore
  • - Data logging, management, Report generation


Monitoring of industrial / Commercial devices
Control and monitor expensive machines
Example: Vending machines, Office equipment, Medical devices

Home Automation
Control and monitor home equipments
Example: Light, Heater, AC, Gate/Shutter, Pump, Sprinklers

Power monitoring and control
Basic power consumption monitoring, and remote control of supply
Example: Power generators, Solar Inverter, UPS

Application for Retail
Networking low-end billing machines connected to Server through GPRS/Wi-Fi
Monitor and control transaction

Benefits to customers:

  • - Control / monitor Home / Industrial equipment safely
  • - Collect, analyse, get insights and control devices to increase productivity
  • - Real-time data to response quickly and to reduce downtime

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