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Our area of work on Robotics and Embedded Systems Include:

  • Educational robotic research platform and learning kits
  • Home automation – Motion detection, smart lighting, GSM alert / remote asset management
  • Security and surveillance robotics – Motion detection and alert using GSM / DTMF, wireless video / audio streaming
  • Service robots


Interesting educational projects are under progress. Many of the prototypes are ready, and you can see them in the Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Crebot and YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/crevavi links.
Here are the details of some of the work that is under progress:

Research Platforms:

    • PIC, AVR and x86 (Atom) based robotic research platform – Firmware, device drivers, application development
    • Indoor and Outdoor robotic mobile platform, and accessories
    • Video/Image Processing, Cloud robotics and Collective robotics libraries integrated


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Design Lab:

We have created a embedded design Lab, for experimentation and research on various cutting edge and practical aspects of Embedded design and Robotics

    • Prototyping of PCB: Schematics, layout, PCB etching
    • PCB stuffing, soldering
    • Metal and Plastic Mechanical parts design, prototyping and fabrication
    • ROS, OpenCV, OpenNI, OpenKinect platform for experimentation with 3D mapping, SLAM, Gesture recognition, Object detection and following, speech recognition, motion control, etc.




Robotics Community:

Through our website www.crevavi.com, we have created a Robotics Community and a Social Networking media for all who are interested in Embedded Systems, specifically Robotics.
Our website serves the following purposes
    • Provides a place for all robotics enthusiasts in India to collaborate and exchange ideas
    • Get updates from robotics enthusiasts through blogs, newsletter and networking
    • Create events like seminar, workshops, competition and exhibitions
    • Apply for participation in events
    • Follow an event, get picture/video updates through blogs and networks

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